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Edison Woods

Envirotech Consultants,Inc. was contracted to design and implement restoration of the 1300 acre Edison Woods Preserve, with the goal of creating an array of diverse native ecosystems. Reinstatement of the naturalhydrology at the site was integral to the restoration of original habitat communities. 350 acres within the forested areas were carefully enhanced by the decommission of tile and ditch systems. In order to enhance the overall habitat and biological diversity within the Preserve, approximately 375 acres of former agricultural field were restored to native prairie systems. 106 Acres of upland ridge were restored to mesic prairie and the remaining 269 acres were restored to wet-mesic prairie systems in the lake plain. This interspersion of prairie and forested wetland habitats creates a representation of historic landscapes that were once present in the region.

The array of habitat types present within the Preserve allows for tremendous habitat and biological diversity, as well as creating a multitude of educational opportunities at the site. The site can be used by area schools for comparisons of different community types and the climatic and hydrologic conditions necessary for the establishment of differing plant communities. It can also be used to learn about the historic landscape of the area and the plants and animals associated with these communities. In addition to the plant and animal life present at the site, the Preserve provides an invaluable resource for studying hydrology with wetlands, headwaters and streams occurring throughout the site. Overall, Edison Woods Preserve has the ability to provide unique and memorable educational and recreational opportunities to the surrounding communities, as well as providing benefits to area wildlife and improving water quality.

Edison Woods
Edison Woods Restoration Project
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